Buy one 25LB bag of Gravel Grain or Soil RX and get 25 LBS half off!

Buy one 25LB bag of Gravel Grain or Soil RX and get 25 LBS half off!


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As posted by Five2Outdoors, we should all adopt this philosophy:


Help the herd or flock. It is crucial to have year-round food to help the animals survive thru the winter and early spring before the primary green-up. We like to be conservationist and help the animals we seek.


The healthier  your animals are is valuable. a bigger, healthier doe produces bigger , healthier fawns which turn into bigger, healthier bucks. The healthier the buck the bigger the rack.


The hunt is what we are all after, the allure of not knowing and trying to seek and outsmart an animal at is own game. Planting food plots tips the scale to your advantage out in the field.


The rewarding part of it all.  No matter how you harvested your animal, if you are trying to fill your freezer or after a specific trophy you watched all year, nobody can disagree that it is a little more gratifying when you see the fruits of your labor come together to make it happen.


The pounding in our chest during the chase that propels you to continue year after year to feed your outdoor addiction.

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