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FIVE 2 OUTDOORS Cluck n Grunt

With a blend of 2 annual clovers and 4 perennial clovers plus Chicory, there is something in here for even the pickiest deer.

Oats is a winter hearty oat, a great fall and winter food source for deer and other wildlife. Oats are extremely winter hardy, a drought resistant oat designed to provide more tender growth for a longer interval of time. Oats are an excellent product that has dual uses both as a cover crop and as a fall forage. Planting in August will provide tender forage, providing a food source for deer and turkey into the late fall season.

  • Soil Types: Widely adapted, fertile
  • Seeding Rate: 100-125 lbs. per acre
  • Planting Depth: 1-2 inch
  • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

      Triticale is a winter annual grain developed through a cross between winter wheat and winter rye. It is commonly planted for forage production and displays desirable traits from each of its parent species. Winter Triticale is extremely winter hardy like cereal rye but produces high quality forage much like winter wheat.

      • Soil Types: Wide variety of soils 
      • Seeding Rate80-100 lbs/acre
      • Planting Depth1” – 1.5”
      • Planting Date: Mid-late Fall

      Ladino Clover is a perennial superior clover more vigorous and faster growing than other white clovers. Known for its large leaves and high yields, is very palatable and a great improvement for grazing stands for wildlife. Ladino spread by stolons and fill in empty space in forage stands for more productive grazing. Ladino may be seeded conventionally when establishing a new plot, or may be frost seeded into an existing plot..

      • Soil Types: Does well on most soil 
      • Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre 
      • Planting Depth: ¼ inch 
      • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

      Medium Red Clover is a short-lived perennial, 2-3 years with the most aggressive growth in the spring. However, newer varieties with better disease resistance along with proper management may persist for a third year. Medium Red Clover is an aggressive establisher and may be seeded alone or used in mixtures with grasses for frost or dormant seeding into an existing stand. Medium Red Clover quality does not decline as rapidly with maturity as alfalfa. Good winter hardiness with fair drought tolerance. It requires moisture throughout the growing season for optimum performance.

      • Pre-Inoculated
      • Soil Types: Adapted to wide variety
      • Seeding Rate: 18-20 lbs. per acre
      • Planting Depth: ¼ inch 
      • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

      Chicory is a high yielding, broad-leaved perennial herb with a high mineral content, good digestible protein and low in fiber, an excellent food value for wildlife. It has been improved for greater disease resistance and is a very drought tolerant plant due to it's long tap root which significantly increases survival under grazing. Chicory also breaks winter dormancy earlier and is well managed in a mix with clovers or brassicas providing a longer growing season of high quality forage. A stand should last 3-5 years and will provide spring and summer food plot forage.

      • Soil Types: Sandy loam clay soil
      • Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs. per acre
      • Planting Depth: ¼ inch
      • Planting Date: Spring and Fall

        Alfalfa was created for that field that always seem to be a little wet. It has the ability to put out a fibrous root systems when conditions are wet, ideal for heavy ground. A great quality potential with high Leaf-To-Stem ratio. A quality alfalfa that produces well during the growing season with a very appealing rich dark green foliage. Alfalfas are considerably the highest yielding forage plants, with benefits of the combination of high yield and high quality. Wetland Alfalfa is primarily used in food plots for high producing forage with a high protein content and highly digestible fiber. A great quality potential with High Leaf-to-Stem ratio.

        • Soil Types: Wide variety of soils
        • Seeding Rate: 15-20 lbs per acre
        • Planting Depth: 1/4 inch
        • Planting Date: Spring, Fall

        Millet is a warm season annual millet that’s attractive to a broad range of wildlife. It is popularly used in food plots for doves, quail, ducks and deer. It is one of a few varieties that does well in dry, well-drained soil and can also be flooded for waterfowl. This millet matures quickly in 60-70 days and is a heavy seed producer. Millet does well in a wide range of soils with a PH of 5.5-7 and will grow to a height of 2-4 feet. It does well as a pure stand field crop or as a companion to other grasses.

        • Soil Types:  Wide variety, well-drained
        • Seeding Rate:  30-40 lbs. per acre
        • Planting Date: May - Aug.
        • Planting Depth: 1/4" to 1/2"